Final Goodbye

Makayla McNett, Editor-in-chief

I started journalism on my first day of high school. I was a confused freshman who didn’t even know whether not I would like journalism or whether or not I wanted to take the class. None of my friends were taking the class and I was nervous about making a year-long commitment. In spite of this, I decided to stay and give it a chance.

I quickly found  that not only was I good at writing the articles, I enjoyed reading about the events and news of our school. I learned to always have a “nose for news” and keep up with everything happening in our district. I continued with journalism throughout my entire high school career and I am now at the end of my senior year, as the Editor-in-chief of the Rocket Reporter.

It is crazy to think that I have spent a piece of every school day in all of high school writing for the Rocket Reporter. Though it is hard to let this go, I am excited to see what the future writers of the Rocket Reporter will have in store. I will always be checking in to see the latest news on our district.

Even though it is hard to say goodbye to my days with the school newspaper, it’s even harder to say goodbye to Mrs. Huba.  As I was nervous about my first year in journalism, she was the woman who made me feel welcome to her class every day. As the years went on, we spent a piece of every day just talking and catching up with each other.  I will cherish these moments more than anything

I am thankful for  everything that journalism is taught me, and I hope that I can do the same for many students in the future. I will always miss the Rocket Reporter, and will always keep the message “Once a Rocket, always a Rocket” in my heart.