Apple Watch Series 7



Troy Wright, Editor

The Apple Watch Series 7 is coming to stores near you on October 15th, 2021, at starting price of only $399.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is  convenient due to its ability to receive phone notifications, track workouts, monitoring vital signs and making calls when your phone is not nearby. It will even monitor your blood and oxygen levels. Also if you are suffering from COVID-19, monitoring SpO2 can be a key in determining when you should visit the doctor.   Apple plans to keep making these watches and improving them every year.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is not much of an upgrade compared to the latest watch released. The watch comes with a faster charging time with a USB-C fast charging cable included in the box. Another feature is that the display of the watch is now bigger making it easier to access apps on your watch. The watch has came with an enhanced durability and comes a dust resistance. There are now more aluminum case color options with this new watch.

Most reviews of the watch are disappointed in what this watch has to offer and they expected something more from an apple watch. “The Series 7 doesn’t feel like the type of generational upgrade we’ve come to expect from Apple’s smartwatches in years past.” Other reviews this watch is still the best out right now and believe it will sell fine, but they feel as if Apple didn’t give its best.

The Apple Watch doesn’t vary much from the older Apple watches. The prices of the two watches are similar, so if you plan on getting a new Apple Watch I would recommend getting the Series 7. The price difference between the two watches is only about 50 bucks, so you can have more capabilities. If you are looking for something to keep around all day on your arm the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best watch out right now.