Rich Razzelberry Pie

Maci Marion

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Razzelberry Pie is a sweet and delicious pie. It is not just like any regular pie it consist of two fillings Blackberries and Raspberry. Like most pies they normally have a name of what is inside of them. For example blackberry pie normally has blackberries inside them. Razzelberry pie is different because it includes two different berries, so it does not have a specific fruit. Razzelberry is just a flavor.

The first person to trademark Razzelberry pie was Marie Callenders restaurants. Though Marie calendars razzelberry pies were made of raspberries and marionberries. In some cases razzelberry pie consist of boysenberries as well. Although Razzelberry pie was mentioned in a comic in October 1939 the usage date for razzelberry pie is in 1995.

Razzelberry pie is made just like any other pie. You can make the homemade crust or the store bought crust can also be used. Added to the crust is mixed berries such as raspberries and blueberries. The pie is then topped with a coat of crust then put in the oven to be cooked. Razzelberry pie is normally cooked for 60 minutes in the center of the oven until the crust is golden. razzelberry pie normally has 360 calories in 1/10 of the pie. After the pie is baked people normally top there pies with ice cream or whipped cream. Ice cream is a very nice topping when the pie is super hot because it is a perfect balance between hot and cold with such a  sweet flavor.

Razzelberry pie ingredients includes blackberries, raspberries, sugar, water ,modified cornstarch, cornstarch, and salt. That does not include the ingredients to the crust.