A Refreshing Taste Into Spring

Catherine Diamond

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After the season of more comforting and warming desserts to get through the colder weather, the spring season is now upon some of the world. With the changing of the seasons, new desserts begin to be made and consumed. These desserts are going to contain much more fresh fruits along with lighter ingredients. A great example of a spring dessert would be lemon blueberry cake. A lemon blueberry cake brings in the light, refreshing taste of fresh fruit. 

Although many desserts can be daunting to try, even for a seasoned baker, this recipe is quite the opposite. This recipe includes simple ingredients along with detailed instructions and pictures to provide great guidance to an amazing and sweet treat. The ingredient list for this recipe is short as it only uses twelve ingredients. These ingredients include lemons, blueberries, flour, powdered sugar, white granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, milk, vanilla extract, eggs, and finally sour cream. There is a list of all ingredients and measurements. It also provides a checklist to check ingredients off as they are used. Although sour cream isn’t usually added within other desserts, the unusual ingredient helps bring the entire dessert together. This recipe does include icing the cake, but the cake can also be served and consumed without icing as it is simply that delicious. 

This particular recipe is from Preppy Kitchen. After the detailed recipe, tips and tricks are included which can help elevate this cake or simply fix a small, but unnoticed mistake. This recipe is slightly long, but it helps bring a refreshing and delicious taste of spring into the year.