A New Era for iPhones

Devin Villarreal

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Photo Credit via trustedreviews.com

The new iPhone 14 series has just been revealed on September 7th at the apple park in California. This whole new series is a big step for Apple and their future ahead.

This comes with three whole new phones with a newly designed A16 bionic chip in each of them. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are both 6.1 inches in screen size, and the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are both 6.7 inches in screen size. These screen sizes provide more room for any work or recreation needed on these phones. The iPhone 14 Pro has a 48 Mega Pixel camera which provides a high resolution for the best quality in photos or videos.  Any iPhone 14 series phone can have videos up to 4k at 60fps which is an excellent quality video especially for a smart phone.

The iPhone 14 series now has the capability to contact someone via satellite when someone is in an emergency and now cell service is available. This new feature could save many lives in the future for remote areas. Another safety feature that this new smart phone series has is the crash detection mode. If enabled, the iPhone 14 can detect if you have been in a crash, and contacts help if you do not respond that you are okay and able to get help yourself.

With the new iPhone 14 series also comes the new software called IOS 16 which provides more custom features within the software. For example, you can fully customize your home screen by changing the font, color way, and widgets all from the phone. In addition, you can also now choose to turn on your exact battery percentage which was not available for years for the newer iPhones.

This new IOS and iPhone 14 series really puts the spotlight on Apple and how well they can create products like this.