Looking Between the Words of “One of Us Is Lying”


(Photo Credits via commons.wikimedia.org)

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus is a young adult fiction novel. It was published in the United States during May of 2017. The main focus of this novel is on a group of four students. These students were all in detention when another student, who is in charge of the school’s gossip page, had an allergic reaction, and unfortunately passed away. The death was ruled an accident. However, there was a post made in which the death was revealed to be planned, and the killer claims to have watched his death. Next there is an investigation in which a post revealing threatening secrets about the other four students is discovered. This leads to the four working together in order to find who the true murder is, and why they were set up.

This book has been referred to as Pretty Little Liars meet The Breakfast Club. It brings together several high school stereotypes. However, the book goes further into the lives of these four students. It shows the behind the scenes of these characters. It gives them substance of which many can relate to. This novel correctly showcases suspense along with many plot twists. It leaves the reader guessing and sitting on the edge of their seat. This book is less than four hundred pages which for some can be read in one sitting. Truly, it’s a great murder-mystery book.  

Following One of Us Is Lying, there is One of Us Is Next. This series was also made into a television series which is streaming on Peacock. However, there is only one season compared to the two books. For more reviews and information about the book, Good Reads has reviews from other readers along with information from the author.