Rule of Respect in JM


Patrick Mullen, Editor

The Jefferson-Morgan School District has a rule which states that students must show respect.

The respect rule applies to everyone. Students must be respectful to their peers. There are a lot of incidents where students are disrespectful to each other and it leads to drama. What should happen is each student who is disrespectful should have to formally apologize for their wrong-doing. And each of them should then be separated until further notice so as not to create more problems among them. Quite simply, to avoid all this ridiculousness, students should show respect to others, whether they like the other person or not. There is no reason to be a mean person for no good reason.

While it’s vitally important that students respect each other, they must also respect the teachers. There will always be a teacher that one may not get along with or simply does not like. This doesn’t mean that the student should be a straight up jerk to said teacher. Be the bigger person. Overcome your hard feelings. When they speak to you, you speak to them. On the same token, teachers should respect their students. This pretty much means no favoring certain students over others and no unnecessary comments to anyone.

The last thing is that a students must respect themselves. Don’t be down on yourself. Even if you feel like you aren’t a good person, believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can anyone else believe in you? Just believe that you can do anything. Never say that something is too much. If you’re strong, you can overcome anything. Believe that you have IT!

In JM, students shall respects others, such as teachers and peers, as well as themselves. Be a sharp student and show your greatness.