The Problem With JM Rules…


(Photo Credit via Observer Reporter)

Patrick Mullen, Editor

There has been some drama involved in JM lately with students leaving classes to go to another. Specifically, the gym. That’s the main focus.

JMHS Principal Mr. Loring has addressed this rule. Lately, students of C lunch have been dismissing themselves and hiking to the gym. Mind you, there’s a class in the gym at this time. It’s the hour class. Anyway, when these students come to the gym, there’s quite a problem. If I myself could be honest and real for a moment, when I was in 9th grade, myself and some friends tried to do the same thing. We would try to sneak out of lunch after eating and then go to the gym. We were punished and warned by the lunch duty supervisors and also by the (at the time) principal Mr. Robinson. Looking back, this made sense. We were probably a distraction to the class. Albeit there were only 3 of us including myself. The thing is, these students are escaping lunch which is a rule that is highly enforced. Any teacher who is on lunch duty WILL NOT let anyone leave unless to go to the restroom. Why and how are these students coming to the gym during C lunch? There are several of them. They come in on a daily basis. When myself and my friends did this 2 years ago, we were not allowed to stay in the gym. Also, we went to the gym and kind of did their own thing. The students who come in during 5 C are involving themselves in the activities the class is doing.

The rules need to make sense. If they applied to us, they should apply to all. If not, no need to enforce them. All or nothing, once again.