The Umbrella Has You Covered!

Elsa Roberts

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The umbrella is known as a shelter to put over you when it starts raining or it a way too sunny, but how do people get the idea of this successful object?

4,000 years ago the umbrella was first discovered in the historical Mesopotamia region in Western Asia. For people that were more important, they would use papyrus and peacock feathers from ancient Egypt. They didn’t look like the umbrellas you would see today they were actually palm tree branches. Parasols then became a thing that were made for women when the sun comes up or made to cover royalty but in the 18th century, Jonas Hanway was leading the way for the era of umbrellas for men. It is said that Lu Ban was the person who invented the first umbrella, and he was known for creating a long line of products that helped many people. The first modern umbrella was made by Jean Marius in 1701.

When parasols were a thing, people would put oil and wax covers that replaced the status quo on the parasols. At that moment the umbrella became an object to protect people from bad weather.

Which would you prefer the umbrella, the parasol, or the palm branch?