Most Important Skill

I think that one of the most important skills that is needed after graduation is responsibility. Students learn so many things in school and all of these things go right along with responsibility. It is required in school with homework, finishing your assignments and turning them in on time, and time management. I feel that all of these skills can also be used in the adult world.

As an adult, students will get a job and will have certain things that need to be accomplished, Usually these things need to be accomplished by certain date and I think that is a skill that is learned all throughout school. If it is learned in school, it can be applied to real life.If the assignments in school are not turned in or late, it could hurt your grades. If a certain task is not completed in a job, you could potentially lose the job.

In a career there are things that are probably going to interfere with someone’s personal life and down time. In school an example of this is homework. A student might not be able to go out with his or her friends because of an assignment that is due the next day. This same situation could happen in the work world.

The last thing that I think is an important skill to be taken away from high school is time management. This goes along with everything else I have mentioned, but it is important. In life it is needed to know how to be responsibly with time and get things done.

There are so many things that students should take away from high school and what that is may vary with each person. Responsibility is one thing that everyone needs to learn.