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Welcome Back!
August 29, 2016

Scheduling is a huge part of a student’s next school year. Students at Jefferson-Morgan have been given schedule papers so they can sort out what classes they want to take next year. When students sort out their schedules for the next year, they usually do it strategically so they can achieve a higher GPA for their next school year by choosing classes that they fell they will succeed in the most. Luckily for the students here at JM, there are many class options here. There have also been many online classes added for the next school year.

Students have a little over a week to create their schedules, which is more than enough time to think about what their best class choices will be for the next year. Schedules are handed out by Ms. Fischer, Jefferson-Morgan’s guidance counselor. She passes out the schedules and she talks to the classrooms about the classes. She will talk about the new online classes, the requirements of a schedule and what JM has to offer dealing with classes for the next year,

Once students receive their schedules they are given a due date so they know when they need to have it done by. Students are usually given a little over a week to create their schedules. The due date is usually set to where a student will have a good amount of time to figure out what they’re doing. This will keep students stress-free without having to worry about there not being enough time,

Once students turn in their schedules they will go online and set up their classes. The students will have to do that through MMS, as if they were going to check their grades. Once they get there Ms. Fischer will help them through the process. Its pretty simple, but it’s also somewhat confusing.
When that’s all over and done with, the classes will be arranged to have students fit into them next year, (which isn’t something the students have to worry about), and then students just wait until late summer to get their schedules. Scheduling classes isn’t a hard thing to do, it just takes a little bit of thinking to figure out what you need to have a successful next school year.