Behind the Cafeteria Scene with Andrea Nestor

Brandon Lawrence

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Behind the Cafeteria Scene with Andrea Nestor

Andrea Nestor is a Jefferson-Morgan graduate. With nine years of experience working for the district, Nestor currently serves as Fiscal Assistant/Food Service Clerk.

Nestor enjoys creating new menus and seeing students every day in the cafeteria.  Her work duties include: preparing monthly menus; generating daily food, milk, and bread orders; collecting food usage and food safety records; collecting  and reviewing staff time cards; and overseeing that food is prepared as planned, tested, and is of the best quality for students. 

In between graduating from Jefferson-Morgan and returning as an employee, Nestor lived in Texas for 11 years.  

When not at work, she can be found hiking, biking, and spending time with her family. Nestor loves to read.  The most current book on her reading list is The Return by Nicholas Sparks.  She admits that being a writer would be a dream job.

At home, Nestor has two dogs, Champ & Dusti, and a cat named Vega. 

“High School is just a small chapter of your life. After graduation, you will have a world of adventures and opportunities to explore,” reflected Nestor.  “You matter!  Your life matters! Everyone matters! Be kind to others and to yourself.”