Programming the Challenge


The Challenge Program is a program that is everywhere and gave the Jefferson-Morgan students a presentation in the Auditorium on Wednesday October 12th.

The man who started this program was Dan Perkins. The slogan for the program was to “Unfollow stress and subscribe to success.”

Before the program began, Brennen Crawford was the example of the challenge program. Mrs. Mary gave him a backpack and put books in the bag as a sign of stress. The video that Mrs. Mary showed was about how hard work can help you become very successful.

Mrs. Mary said, “I am passionate about the challenge program because it’s a program that challenges students to take it to the next level.”

The students had a chance to win $200. The students that were nominated were nominated for their attendance and grades. The categories were Academic Excellence, Community Service, Attendance, STEM, and Academic Improvement. The winners for Academic Excellence was Jenna Cyr and Nathan Wei. The winners for Community Service were Adyson Kern and Wyatt Wilson. The winners for Attendance were Tessa Eggleston and Preston Wood. The winners for STEM were Grace Rohanna and Finley Kramer. The winners for Academic Improvement were Baron Binns and Ewing Jamison.

There is also a student of the year competition happening for $1,500.Enter the competition here.

Doug Wilson said, “Opportunity for students to improve themselves not only academically but also to make themselves better members of society.”