Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings is Good

During the fall time, daylight savings occur. It’s were at 2 in the morning, time goes back an hour. So, that means we get an extra hour of sleep. It also helps other things as well. In the mornings, it is dark outside. After daylight savings, It’ll be brighter in the morning, but it will get darker earlier.

Sleep is good for us. Extra sleep will never hurt. Everyone is supposed to get 8 hour or more of sleep. With this, we can get that extra hour of sleep. It is not that important, but it’s a nice benefit for us. I think we should appreciate that we get an extra hour of sleep.

Also, we won’t have to worry about dark mornings. Since time is back an hour, it gets brighter. This was meant so farmers can see in the morning. It can help us if we drive because it is  easier to drive in light. All in all, this is just a benefit.

Last, is that it will get darker earlier. Since time is an hour behind, it gets darker quicker. This can be bad if people like to enjoy their evenings. We won’t be able to see anything, or do much in the evening. This is the worst part about daylight savings time.

Overall, Daylight savings time is good. Other than dark evenings, it’s pretty beneficial to us. From our sleep to early mornings.