The Positive Side

One positive thing about daylight savings time is everyone gets to sleep in an extra hour. Everyone, or almost everyone, will not be tired. Everyone will get to enjoy their sleep and won’t need to stress about not getting enough sleep. It is also a positive thing because it won’t be so dark in the morning which it normally is that time of year. Since the clocks get set back it will seem as if it is brighter outside, but it’s just the clocks going back to what they were before.

Another positive thing about daylight savings time is that it doesn’t only make it brighter outside for a little bit, it actually is setup to make it bright outside for 8 months. It was made this way because of how there were a lot of farmers who needed to work in the daytime. It was really helpful back then but doesn’t really help anyone much any more because not many people are farmers.

The last great thing about daylight savings time is if someone would work on the weekends which some people do it would be easy to stay awake that day. They wouldn’t be angry to be at work that day. They would be well rested because of the extra hour and they might get a promotion because of how great they do that day.