Schools Canceled Due To Snow

Snow days, you love them or you hate them, but still there is always the question of what to do with them.

Sleep in? Watch Elf for the forty millionth time? Eat leftover turkey sandwiches? Complain to your mom that you’re bored and to continually pester her until she suggests you  clean something?

So many things to do and so little time, but it really depends on who you are, if you’ve finished your homework or not, and if you even wanted a snow day.

To little kids, snow days are amazing. They hope that everyday it snows that they won’t have school. They play in the snow, stay home and warm up with a hot bowl of ramen noodles. They don’t even realize the consequences of each and every snow day, they’re just glad to get out of school.

But the older kids know exactly what’s happening. Once they were kids who wished for snow days, now they’re teens and pray that it’s only a two hour delay. Because unlike the kids, they know that with each snow day there is, one more day is swiped from their sweet summer vacation.

Still, there is the handful of people who wake up pleasantly surprised to find that school is canceled. They’re the people who have all their homework done and their life isn’t falling apart at the seams like an old Christmas stocking.

So, what to do, what to do on the next snow day? The possibilities are endless.