2017 Nuggets and 2018 Premieres

‘It’s been such a bad year’, says most people every year even though many good things happened. Just because you’re an unhappy person doesn’t mean the year was a bad one.

One of the numerous good things that happened is when Carter Wilkinson asked Wendy’s for free nuggets for a year and actually got it once he hit 18 million retweets. His tweet surpassed all others and is the most retweeted tweet still at the end of 2017. Wendy’s gave Wilkinson his nuggets and then donated 100 thousand dollars to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption. It only took a few million tweets for a man to finally be with his beloved nuggs.

Years bring about change, everyone knows that and everyone has changes they want to see in the new year. Let it be personal goals, matters of health, or public issues, there is always something. One thing I’d like to see in 2018 is the Incredibles 2. Now, we’ve all waited long and hard and now here it is! It only took a mere fourteen years. The movie will be premiering in most theaters on June 15, 2018. One of the things I really hope to see in this sequel is Frozone’s wife; she’s become such a sassy, out-of-view lady that we must simply see what she looks like.