The Good that Happened and the Good to Come

During the time of 2017, some people experienced some of their best memories, and some even hope for better things to happen during the time of 2018 as well.

During this year, there were many good things that have happened that left me with some great memories. Now, if I were to choose one of these great memories, the greatest thing that has happened to me would very most definitely be when both Emily Teegarden and I started dating. Throughout the time, I started learning more and more about her, and honestly, she is a really kind and caring person all around. 

Now, something that I would personally like to see in 2018 would be for congress to keep Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality gives consumers of internet providers to be able to browse the internet for free. Restricting Net Neutrality would force people to pay for different services on the internet, such as YouTube and Facebook. If the consumer did not pay for the service, the website would take a slower loading speed or may not even load at all. It would cost much more money than needed, and would cause harm to the consumer.

I do hope for 2018 to be a good year, and hope that some of the problems up until now will be resolved in the next coming year.