Technology Can Take Over Your Life

Dennis Garrett

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I think that a general rule for society that we should follow is not to be on our phones so much. It’s a big distraction and just rude to be on your phone while texting or talking to someone. Mostly everywhere that you go,  you see people on their phones while driving, while having dinner at a restaurant, or while they are talking to someone. It’s really bad now because we just let our phones take over everything that we do because they are just so advanced.  

While at a restaurant,  I see couples or families are on their phones most of the time. It’s just really pointless to even go out if you are just going to be on your phone the whole time. When you go out you are supposed to conversate and tell your family how your day was and etc. Like you’ll see a young couple sit on their phones while waiting for their food, and will not even say a word to each other the whole time. This is a reason why phones are such a distraction.

My parents absolutely hate when im on my phone. I mean ya I’m young and I enjoy being on my phone, but I am on it a good bit. One time I was talking to my dad while I was on my phone and he flipped out on me because I was not listening to a word that he was saying. So then he took my phone away for a week and it made me never want to do that again. I also learned my lesson from this.

I always see people texting while they are at dinner. It is very weird because when you go out to eat you are supposed to communicate. I have also learned to not be on my phone while my parents are talking to me because it is rude.