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  • They are extending the deadline for the Solar Pageant scholarship opportunity to May 30, 2019.

  • All senior grades are due on Wednesday, May 22nd. The last day for seniors is Thursday, May 23rd.

  • Any girl intersted in running for Greene County Fair Queen 2019 should turn in their applications before June 1st!

  • Graduation will be held on May 30th, 2019 in the Stanley Fowler Auditorium.

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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One rule that I would like to bring back would be proper manners. Calling women “ma’am” and men “sir”. Also to say, “yes ma’am.” or “no ma’am.” Usually in this generation people will just say “no” or “yeah” without meaning. Not a lot of people use the right terms or proper way of saying things.

Another thing we should bring back that involves manners would be how various teens act when one of them receives something. Some people will not say thank you or anything like that, they will just take it and nod and leave. That is not exactly respectful. People should always be kind especially if someone is giving them a gift or something like that.

An important manner that we should bring back would be to put the phone down while the teenagers are out with friends or family. When someone is talking to a person they do not want to be talking to the back of someone’s phone, they want to talk to that person. They want to have a conversation with the person and not be ignored or blown off.

Phones are becoming a major problem with everyone, mostly tweens and teenagers. Many teenagers do not spend time with family or friends as much. Teens are constantly on their phones, never getting a break from them.

Sometimes when teenagers are out with their families in public they are on their phone the whole time. Teens do not talk to their family.

About the Writer
Tyler Woolen, Editor-in-chief

Tyler Woolen is a senior and a fourth year Journalism student.

She participates in Track and Field and is also a member of Leo Club and the SAAD Club.

Her hobbies include writing, going to concerts, and running.

Woolen enjoys being with her boyfriend, hanging out with friends, and driving everywhere.

She also enjoys watching 80's movies and reading IT.

Woolen is looking forward into studying Clinical Psychology and Sociology after high school and is hoping to have a career either one of those fields.

Woolen also has hopes into going to college at either Auburn University, Clemson University or Slippery Rock University.

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