Manners are a Must

Matthew Haring, Contributor

One rule of society that I feel everyone has forgotten is proper manners. People do not possess the manners that I had been brought up with but I come from an old fashioned household so that probably being the main reason why. But the way I had been brought up if I didn’t hold the door open for someone elderly or anyone in general for that matter I was considered bad. It was a dreadful mistake in my house not to show proper politeness and respect for others but everyone today has apparently forgotten this I see children walk into doors with an elder behind them, or on several occasions, a woman with a stroller.

Children have no respect or concern for others and frankly this sickens me I believe all children from ages 5-10 should be taught these manners so that they will become well rounded polite civilized adults. The world would become a much better place with more of these people around. Kids today swear too much they think it is “cool” to do it. They also smoke drink, chew and do drugs all because they were not raised to know better. That or they have been corrupted by those who have not been brought up the correct way and due to these poor choices it leads to a life of more poor choices. All manners and reason goes out the window with them and they just essentially become a lost cause. If kids were raised with manners, and parents took a little more responsibility in raising them and teaching them, these necessary skills to function in society properly, I am sure it would cut down on ignorance.