People nowadays are just so much more rude and impolite then they should be. I know that everyone used to be polite. Most people were kind to one another and everyone just acted very proper. I personally think we should get back to the way things were.

I think the first step in being kind and polite is just saying “hello” to people. I cannot say I do this all the time, but if I am walking next to someone or just happen to come in contact with someone, I always say hello or even just smile. Adults are usually the only ones who return the gesture and I think it is because the youth in today’s society was never taught to be polite. Another thing that I have really noticed is that no one even says bless you anymore. I feel like this such a basic thing to do and hardly anyone does this.

I think that schools should make the girls act more like ladies. I go to school and am in classes with a lot of girls who are sloppy and have a potty mouth. I do not think that this is right, and I do not think they should be allowed to do this. Another thing that I think should be enforced more is the short length dress code. I think it is another part of ladies acting like proper ladies and it should be enforced.

The last thing that I think people should pay more attention to is the way boys treat girls. I know that people used to make more of a deal about boys treating girls respectfully, but I do feel that this has been completely forgotten. I have witnessed boys saying vulgar things to and about girls. I just truly wish people would care more about the way they act and come across to other people. The generations are becoming much more impolite.