Politeness and Respect

A general rule for society that people have forgotten about is the rule of politeness and respect. Just the act of being polite needs to be used more in this day of society. People should show respect to everyone; it is just being polite. This is showing general kindness, that some people do not pay attention to.

The people today do not show as much politeness as they should. For example, When someone says “hello” the other person should say it back. Or when someone else is talking, nobody else should be talking. The small things people do could show how respectful they could be or show towards a person. A person should show politeness by respecting their elders and anyone else who is in charge.

Phone etiquette is very big in today’s society because people are becoming too addicted to them. For example, students who are on their phones while a teacher is teaching is very disrespectful. There is so much disrespect that goes on everywhere, so it is hard to show the correct politeness all the time. Politeness is what makes people happy and show their politeness. School is a big part of showing politeness and showing respect. Students do not show nearly as much politeness as they should.

Politeness and respect should be more apart of people today in society because that is what makes people kind. Politeness is when people show respect towards one another and that should be expressed more in our society. Just being polite can make a difference in someone’s attitude and reflect respect onto them and they will show respect back.