A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s purpose is an emotional movie that tells the story of a dog named Bailey. During the movie, Bailey tells viewers stories from all of his different lives and owners. The movie plays with idea of reincarnation. The story begins with Bailey’s first owner, a boy named Ethan.

Each of Baileys lives teaches the audience a new lesson and makes watchers think differently about the way dog’s deal with situations. The movie uses one tear-jerking element, the death of a dog, over and over again.

This movie was an emotional roller coaster varying from Bailey running joyously through fields to the heartbreak of the death of a loved one. This movie is perfect for people of all ages, and will have the audience laughing, and crying.

Throughout the entirety of the movie, Bailey struggles to understand the reason for human y emotions and exactly why he is here. Bailey learns the meaning of why he is here, while also teaching the audience important lessons.

A Dog’s Purpose was a great family movie that I enjoyed thoroughly, and recommend to people of all ages.