New Year’s Reflection

New year’s resolutions are something that has been happening for a very long time and I think that they are a good thing for everyone to have. I have a few things that I would like to change about myself rather than one.

One of my resolutions is to spend more time on writing and drawing. In the years past I have spent more time to write stories and draw, which relieve my stress and make me feel better. I wrote a story once and posted it on this website for writers to post their work and have other people read and follow it. I once posted a story that over 2,000 people were reading and following. When I draw it just helps me take my mind off the things that might be stressing me out and put it to something else. I love being able to look at a drawing once it is finished and admire the finished product. I would hope to get into that much more.

Another resolution that I have for the new year is to drink more water. I know this is very simple and might be somewhat typical, but I think it would be a good thing to do. I am a tea fanatic and I drink a lot of tea. I know that tea is not necessarily bad for me, but I think I should drink more water. I have a friend who drinks water all the time and loves it so I would love to be more like her.

One other thing that I would love to change about myself in the new coming year is that I would love to get up earlier and be more of a morning person. I wake up as late as possible and never give myself enough time to do my hair nicely and I am so tired that I nearly always wear sweatpants or leggings because of how comfy they are. I would just love to wake up and get ready without having to worry about falling back asleep.