New Peaceful Year

2015 was an extremely stressful year for both my family and I due to job loss, divorce, and so on; for the new year however, I will strive to have a much more peaceful year. While most factors that caused tensions to rise in my home this year were not under my control, I can still be a good kid to prevent those stakes from going even higher. Being a good kid is not an extremely easy task with schoolwork, events afters school, behavior, etc., but I have managed to maintain my “good” reputation with my family. By preventing these errors like I usually do, my mother will not have to worry about me along with the bills and such; she can focus on her life, and I can focus on mine.

After all, balancing our own weights of the world is already enough at this point in time. Attempting to take on more problems from other family members only causes anger towards one another to rise, which is what contributes to the stresses we all already have to manage. In fact, most bickering that goes on in my family is due to anger towards one another. So as long as everybody else, and myself, keep going down our own personal roads, bickering should become lesser and lesser of the issue. Overall, by being a good kid, staying out of everybody’s way, and continuing to work, less stresses will arise. While this may not seem like a huge goals to others, it is to me.