New Year, New Goals

Michael Pochron

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

With the new year arriving very soon, goals must be set up to try to improve upon oneself. Everyone is not perfect so they try to constantly improve upon themselves and this is my list of improvements I will make for new years.


The first thing I will do for new years is the same as everyone else, to work off the Christmas and New Year’s feast by getting back to the gym and getting the guns of war active again. Not literally but I plan to exercise off any unnecessary weight that I have collected over the break.  

The second thing is to try and study harder and more frequently which would cause my grades to at least go up by one letter. By becoming more devoted to my studies and to adopt new styles for studying to experiment with.

The third thing is to try and kick various addictions and bad habits such as constantly playing video games when I should be doing something more productive or use a larger vocabulary and to not use various profanities.

The fourth thing is to get better at knowing the plentiful side roads in the glorious and world renowned Greene County by reading various maps and driving them myself.
One of the last goals I have is the very generic one to be a better person but mine is a bit more..personal. I want to become a better person by being a better leader by working on half-second decisions because everyone knows you don’t have forever to make a decision. Another part to being a better leader is to get to know each others and be more interested in their activities and lifestyles.