Welcome Ms. Fischer


Jefferson-Morgan welcomes Ms. Fischer as guidance counselor.  Ms. Fischer attended Washington and Jefferson College and has a Masters of  Science in Counseling Psychology with a School Counseling Certification,and she also has a Music and Psychology major. Prior to accepting this position, she worked was Mt. Lebanon Extended Day providing before and after school child care for elementary students.

“I really like how friendly the students and staff are at JM. I like helping students and I enjoy seeing students succeed at their goals.”  Ms. Fisher is ready to take on the year here at Jefferson – Morgan and tell the students what they need to know to reach their goals.

Ms. Fischer helps juniors and seniors  during the year  more than any other grades. One of her biggest priorities is to steer them to their dreams after high school. She helps students decide which school they would like to attend, apply for  scholarships and apply for financial aid.  Ms. Fischer feels that both juniors and seniors need to stay on top of checking emails and meeting deadlines. Juniors need to take opportunities that are given to them for SAT or ACT preparation or school visitations .

Ms. Fischer has a huge role as a school guidance counselor. “If you need help with your academics, career plan or any problems you may have socially, stop in my office.” As guidance counselor, Ms. Fischer’s role is to help each student with whatever they may and to serve as a person who students can talk to.