What’s your favorite holiday?

Janessa Willis, Editor

Students and their families usually have a favorite holiday they all share that is special to them. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming so fast and everyone is not prepared for the festivities that take place. These three holidays have important meaning to society and you’re always planning to do something exciting through these times. Tradition varies through the different families and it is something that stays through generations.

Abby Phillips’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It has always been her favorite because she gets to just be around her family and be thankful for them rather than giving them a gift. It is a bonding time for her family. “We go to my grandparents house, eat dinner then play board games” she says. Abby doesn’t want her family tradition to change because it’s her favorite time of year.

Everyone has a different view on the holiday’s and what you should do during them but it should only matter what you feel is right to do during them.Halloween is a time for spooks and treats, Thanksgiving a time for h=giving thanks,  and Christmas a time for giving and receiving and just being joyful. Everyone celebrates these holidays just with different traditions.

Christian Wilson has a different preference on the holidays and he really enjoys Christmas time. “I get to see my family” Wilson said is why he likes the holiday so much. He likes to be around family to just laugh and have a good time, creating memories that last a life time. His families tradition is for the family to go to his house the Saturday before Christmas for food and just to have a good time with the family. It’s not about the gifts with Christian it’s the quality time spent with his loved ones.

Every holiday has something different to offer every one. Each individual spends them a little different but in the end it’s special to them in some way. Usually making memories and spending time with family. The holidays bring some much joy to everyone and there’s nothing better than to see people happy.