Whats the best way to watch movies?

Hayley Palone, Contributor

What is the best way to watch a movie?

In Pedicords opinion,” I like Netflix so much better than Redbox and the theaters. Using Netflix is so much easier because I don’t have to wait 24 hours till I have to return the movie.” Netflix is a very easy way to watch movies because it’s so quick. Netflix is able to be an online site to watch movies or you can order them through the mail.

There are pros and cons on all there of the topic. The pro about movie theater is you can get out of the house and watch a movie with good food. The con about going to the theater is paying the price for tickets and outraged price for the food. The pro of Netflix is there are so many choices to choose on what kind of movie you want. The movies can be kept for a long time if you wanted it to be. The con of Netflix is it’s never really updated to new movies. It’s always movies that never made it to theaters. The pro of Redbox is that the movie only costs $1.20 per movie and you can rent video games. The con is every day the movie is late you have to pay a late fee for it.

In Walkers opinion,”Movie theaters are outrageous with the pricing of their food. There is always the chance of sitting next to annoying people.”  Movie theaters really overdo the price of their food like the popcorn. The sitting in the theater can be the best or the worst. It honestly depends on the people you happen to sit next to.

The best way to watch movies is on Netflix since it’s easy to get movies.