Foreign Language Club

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
Foreign Language Club

Having a foreign language club in schools is a great thing to have. Most schools tend to have one and it really teaches students a lot about different cultures that they normally wouldn’t learn about. The foreign language club in Jefferson-Morgan High school is mainly based around the Hispanic culture. Students learn a lot of useful things in the foreign language club that might help in the future when talking to a foreigner.

The students in the foreign language club learned a lot about the culture. Students learned their foods, traditions and dances. There’s a huge difference between the United States and the Hispanic Culture. Students learn to realize that nobody in the world is the same at all and they learn how different they can be.

Having a foreign language club really helps students for their future. With America being the way it is now, students can often run into somebody who speaks strictly Spanish. People who weren’t in the foreign language club wouldn’t make it too deep into conversation with people of other languages. Using what the students learned from their Spanish classes and foreign language club trips, they will have a better shot at communicating with people of other languages. This is a very helpful skill for today’s America.

The foreign language club gives students a chance to live in the shoes of people of the Hispanic culture. When they would take trips they would see firsthand what it may be like to live with the Hispanic culture every day. They learn the way they celebrate, eat and speak. This is a great experience for students.

Having a foreign language club at school is a great thing to have. Students learn a lot from this. There are a lot of things students learn from the foreign language club. The foreign language club is an amazing club to become a part of, and anyone can be a part of it.