Free College Tuition

Free tuition is something that parents and students dream of. Everyone wants to be educated, but nowadays not everyone can afford it. People spends years of their lives paying back their student loans. It costs nearly $32,405 per semester at a private college. A college education is becoming something that is less and less obtainable as the prices get higher.

Free tuition is something that has been talked about a lot lately and many people have been trying to get to be a more common occurrence. Many counties, such as Germany, are making college tuition free because they believe charging students large sums of money for a college education is discouraging. When people look into a college degree and see that it would cost them so much money, it is hard to imagine ever having enough to pay for it all.

There are currently a few schools around the nation that offer free tuition. Supporters of free tuition believe that having free tuition would improve the education of our country. It would make it possible for so many more people to have a college education and a better career. These people would be then getting more careers and we would have a more successful nation.

Free college is an idea that would allow so many underprivileged people the opportunity to further their studies and ideas. If students cannot afford college and do not have a scholarship, they do not go. Free college education would change that.  A more educated nation would result in smarter decisions from every society level. People would be happier and therefore, we would have a happier nation.

In summary, free college would benefit many people. Students could enjoy their education instead of worrying if they have gathered together enough money to afford staying in school and getting their degree.