Many For-Profit Schools Could Close


(Photo Credis via Google Images)

Earlier this year, the Obama administration published a list of programs and schools that are at risk for losing the federal funding that they depend on.

The department reviewed many programs, and more than 800 of the vocational programs did not show that those who graduated from the program were able to find jobs. This means that the graduates would then have annual payments that are more than 12% of their actual earnings.

According to The Atlantic, “If schools that have been flagged by the government don’t begin to turn things around within several years, they stand to lose aid, and, in many cases, would likely shutter as a result.

Senior Morgan Spencer, said “ I do not think it is fair that the schools were shut down. The students may not have been able to find jobs because there may not have been many jobs in the field at the time.”

When Heritage College & Heritage Institute closed their school very abruptly it left many students shocked. “They could have been honest, they led us to believe that everything was okay,” one student says, according to Consumerist. “They made it seem like nothing was wrong. And out of the blue it was gone.”

“I do not think it is fair to do this to the students,” said sophomore Tyler Woolen. “Some students work their whole lives to be able to attend school and to take that opportunity away from them after they have it is terrible.”

Whether or not the schools needed to be closed, it is obvious that students attending these schools and others do not think it was fair for the schools to close so abruptly.