Neighborhood or Disney World?


A neighborhood in North Stafford, Virginia was said to be like Disney World in many ways. The neighborhood is named Embrey Mill. “During the summer there are always events featuring music and live bands, and movies in the park,” Crenshaw from The Washington Post said. Embrey Mill was said to have a very happy environment over the years. The neighborhood is enclosed by Austin Ridge Road to the north and east, Courthouse Road to the south and Mine Road to the west.

“The neighborhood seems really nice and I would love to live somewhere with so much joy and happiness. It seems really great.” Olivia Ricci said. In Embrey Mill, there is 10 miles of trails, 285 acres of open space, doggy stations throughout the community, a racetrack park for tricycles and scooters, and a full-service bistro and cafe. “If my neighborhood had all of what this one has, I would never complain.” Michael Ludrosky said. Embrey Mill has very high rankings in how well the neighborhood is put together. “Community planning is what makes this neighborhood so unique. They’ve built things to attract you outside and to get you mingling with your neighbors,” said The Washington Post.