2017 Homecoming Court


(Photo Credit via Brooke Diamond)

As football season comes and goes every year so does Homecoming, this year’s 2017 Homecoming will be held on October 6th at the Parker Field against Mapletown. This years Homecoming court is freshman Kallie Miller, Sophomore Madison Kovach, junior Maddie VanDivner, junior Carrington Teasdale, senior Madison Clayton, senior Taylor Eddy, and senior Sadie Fowler.

Senior Sadie Fowler said, “Since this is my first year being on the Homecoming court I’m really excited about it. I think it’s going to be a great experience and good start to my senior year,” Fowler said. “They say your senior year is about making memories and this will be a great memory for that. I’m really happy I got on the court and now I can only hope for the best.”

The girls will each find a date according to their grade. For example freshman Kallie would use a freshman guy as her escort. The escorts will help the girls get in and out of their cars and walk them across the field at halftime of the game. This is also where one of the seniors will be crowned!

Sophomore Madison Kovach said, “I’m excited to be able to participate in the parade and throw candy to the little kids. It’s also my first year, so I’m kind of nervous, but I know everything will go okay,” said Kovach. “I always wanted to be like the girls at the game who got to walk across the field and now I get to.”

There will also be a special guest at the game, Emma Frank! She won Homecoming 2016 and now she will return to pass the crown onto one of the three girls; Sadie Fowler, Taylor Eddy, or Madison Clayton! Best of luck to them all.