JM Fall Sports

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Tyler Woolen

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JM Fall Sports

Since the school year has just began, fall sports are rolling through. Football is starting, volleyball, golf, and cheerleading. Carrington Teasdale mentioned that she was so excited for fall sports. Volleyball is her favorite sport but she also loves to watch football games.

“The football games are my favorite! I love Friday nights and making memories with my friends at them.” Teasdale said.

Olivia Ricci was asked what her favorite fall sport was. “My favorite fall sport has to be football. I love watching the volleyball games too though!”

At football games, most of the school shows up to show their pride in our school. At volleyball games, the student section is always excited and cheering the girls on.

“I really like when fall rolls up because I get to play golf. Golf is one of my best sports and I enjoy participating in it when it is time.” Adam Hobe said.  

Many students really enjoy fall sports because they are never too hot or too cold. It is always a good temperature to run around and watch their favorite games. Sports are a really big thing for Jefferson-Morgan students. They love the sporting events and getting to watch their friends play. They also love participating in them also.

“Football is one of my best sports. I’ve been playing it since I was in elementary school and I continue to love it now.” Michael Ludrosky said.

Half of the school participates in a sport at Jefferson-Morgan. There are many volleyball players, cheerleaders, and football players. Many students really enjoy the games that happen every week and the students and school all celebrate the games happily.