NHS is the Place to Be

Savannah Saesan

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NHS is the Place to Be

National Honor Society is an organization for  people who meet the high standards. In order to stay in National Honor Society everyone is required to meet up to certain expectations and activities to keep their spot in the club. National Honor Society has made a change that will affect people sooner rather than never.  This year the NHS introductions have been moved from the spring to fall. This will allow everyone, especially the seniors, to become more actively involved throughout the year.

The National Honor Society also allows members to help out their community. Many organizations need help and the National Honor Society is right there to help. “The annual President’s Project is typically a service project with proceeds donated to a specific organization,” Mrs. Huba, sponsor of the National Honor Society, said. “Also, we are open to helping any organization with service needs: spaghetti dinners, fundraising events and any other club that needs help.”

Even though the National Honor Society may be difficult to get it into and stay committed too, it is in the students’ best interest to be a part of the Society. The National Honor Society is something that most colleges look for. National Honor Society requires meeting many expectations and that is a wonderful part of a resume.

“National Honor Society is the only organization that students are invited to and may not sign up and become a member. A “total” student and in this regard, National Honor Society members are to be commended because they are set apart,” said Mrs. Huba. “A student who is a part of National Honor Society is committed to service, leadership, character and scholarship and this in itself can speak volumes about a student.”

National Honor Society is a proud organization to belong to and a goal every student should strive for. They are set apart from the rest and are resilient in every aspect; they are leaders, kind, and most of all committed to what they do. Each member represents the best of every student and can speak volumes about each individual.