Sponsor of NHS

Savannah Saesan

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Mrs. Huba is the sponsor of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Huba supervises over the organization, and helps out when needed.

She enjoys being the sponsor and watching the students grow.

“I enjoy working with students on community service projects. It is important to foster the desire to seek out community service opportunities.  Each one of us can make a difference. Sometimes NHS inspires students to seek out projects that they may not have considered before,” Mrs. Huba commented.

Although Mrs. Huba enjoys a lot of the activities the organization does, her favorite is the induction ceremony.

“I enjoy the induction ceremony. This year, seniors spoke about the pillar of NHS that affects them most. Most of the senior members have been in NHS for the last three years. It was wonderful to hear how NHS has impacted them,” Mrs. Huba said. “I also like that NHS focuses on the total student. NHS members aren’t recognized just because of academics. NHS students work hard to maintain the ideals of character, scholarship, leadership and service.”

National Honor Society contributes many things to the community, and Mrs. Huba enjoys being a part of that with the students.