Being Ready For High School

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Brennan Kozich

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Something that students should be ready for high school is a lot of note taking and reading. High school is different from middle school it is a lot harder and the test are a lot longer. You have to study for every test you  if you do not you probably will not get a very good grade. It is very important that you study in high school because that is what collages look at when you apply. Also another thing you should be ready for is a lot of work. It just is not sitting in the class room you are doing something different every day.  You learn something different every day and you can not just sleep. Either most of the students who sleep in class do not do so well on test. Some teachers will be very kind and will wake you up and make you pay attention, but some do not wake you up then you just miss the whole lesson.

So what is very important is that you should get all your work done in school and stay awake. It is very important that you get good grades in high school and learn all you can so when you get out into the world. You can get a good job or go to a really good school that is important in school. You can be very successful in school if you do everything you need to do and get good grades.