High School Success

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Madelyn Van Divner

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July 18, 2016

It is important for students to take high school seriously because it determines their future.

What you do in high school can either help or hurt your future. Things that are important in high school are your grades, behavior and attendance.

Your grades are important in high school because they help make the decision of what college you can get into or if you can get into one at all. All of the colleges that you apply to will look back to see if you did well in high school. They do this because they want to see how you will do in college and if they can give you a scholarship or just accept you.

Another thing that is important in high school is your behavior. Your behavior is important because for some jobs you need a teacher to recommend you for the job. If you had bad behavior in school the teacher will give you a bad recommendation. If the teacher gives you a bad recommendation then it will make you look bad and you will most likely not get the job.

You also need to have good attendance in school. You need good attendance because it will make you look more reliable for your job. If you are the kind of person who skips class all the time or just shows up late then your employer will most likely think that you will show up late to your job.

High school is one of the most important things that you will ever do. It is preparing you for college, a job and the real world. If you just treat it as a joke you won’t get very far in life.