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Michael Pochron

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

Students should take high school seriously for a multitude of different reasons. These reasons would include but are not limited to one’s own education and lifelong friends students can meet.

A person’s education is an extremely important and lasts for their whole life, having an education can benefit a person in a multitude of ways; such as something as simple of common knowledge, getting a job or even knowing how to pay taxes.  

A high school education is an extremely important thing for job opportunities. A high school education is necessary for most jobs today and essential for applying for a job. An employer will most likely hire the person that has their high school diploma and has graduated from a high school rather than hire the person who dropped out and does not have a diploma.

Another thing that high school students to not take seriously is their GPA. GPA (Grade Point Average) is an extremely important and often overlooked statistic. Not having a high enough GPA can lead to a ton of problems such as not being allowed to participate in a sport if they have a 2.0 GPA or lower. However a high GPA of 3.0 or higher the student will be assigned one of three different accolades; these are Honors, High Honors and Highest Honors. Achieving one of the three provides no downside to the scholar and offers nothing but upsides and certain perks.