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Tyler Woolen

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It is important for student’s to take high school seriously because if any students do not do well or take it seriously, they will not be able to go into college.

If the student does not take school seriously, they will most likely not have a super well future. If they choose not to do well, they will most likely not succeed in life.

Not having a good GPA for the future will bring you down a lot. If a student wants to go to college but does not have a good GPA,  their future going to college will not be good. Someone will most likely be denied into the college they want to go to. It all depends on how they did in school and which college they would like to apply for.

Students might not get into a job when they are older if they did not do good in school.

Someone could apply for a job but if the owner or the person hiring them, they will look at their grades, GPA, attendance, and they might not like the looks of it so they might not hire you for the job.
Everyone should take school seriously because it will really affect your life.