How To: Watercolor Paint

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Gwendolyn Stacy – Editor-in-chief

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  • How to paint using watercolors. Focusing on the upper left corner of the paper.

  • Start by wetting a medium sized brush and distributing a dose of water onto a painting pallete.

  • Use the center of the pallette to add your watercolor paint.

  • Taking a dry brush, one should then distribute a small bit of the paint into the water. Use twirling motions to mix evenly.

  • After all of the colors are mixed one can begin the "wet on wet" technique.

  • Using a medium size paintbrush distribute some clear water across the area one wishes to add color to.

  • Take a clean, dry brush and dip into the color mixture. Use dotting motions to allow the color to spread.

  • For a darker pigmentation use less water in the beginning mixture and distribute softer.

  • Continue this step with all of the shades.

  • Add detail by mixing very little water with a good bit of black watercolor. Once again twirl to gather pigment.

  • Use small, short strokes to create eyebrows.

  • Add hair framing the face to create demention.

  • The painting after one day of drying.

  • Add detail and let dry!