Pinning on Pinterest

Maci Marion

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{Photo Credit via flickr}

{Photo Credit via flickr}

Pinterest is a social media app that allows users to pin ideas or thoughts that they find interest in..

Pinterest is an image sharing app that lets users share their thoughts, and save and categories images. The use of this app is to allow users to find projects or tutorials on how to do something. Pinterest was created in 2009 by Ben Silbermann, but was launched in 2011.

Pinterest is a useful app because it lets users save images by categories, so they do not get mixed up and it keeps everything organized. Also, if you want to keep your boards private users can hit the private settings, and then no one will see your boards or what you have saved. Pinterest not only lets you find ideas, but it lets you post and share your own ideas with other people

 Pinterest can be useless because it will spam users with notifications. Also, if users do not put their boards on private, and they save something to their board the board could go places that they do not want it to go. Pinterest is also like another Google so sometimes users can find  better ideas on Google than users can find on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a very handy app and it helps find ideas along with sharing ideas with other people.