Meals are Better at Boston Market

Maci Marion

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{Photo Credit Via Flickr}

Boston Market is a restaurant that serves rotisserie style meals. They serve food such as rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, ribs, and they have many sides. Boston Market is a restaurant close to Pittsburgh.

Boston Market was founded in December 1985 in Newton, MA. The founders of Boston Market are Arthur Cores and Steven Kolow. Boston Market first was named Boston Chicken until 1995 when they decided to switch the name. In 2000, McDonald’s Corporation purchased Boston Market because they saw potential.

Boston Market style of food is rotisserie meals. They have a variety of selections with reasonable prices. The menu includes their half chicken or half meatloaf for $8.49, sandwiches or soups for $6.49, or big deals including whole chickens or ribs for $12.99. Boston Market also includes any sides for $2.39 for regular or $4.39 for a large. For kids, Boston Market has meals for $5 including a drink. 

Boston Market is counter service. It is a family friendly restaurant because it includes meals kids would enjoy as well. 

The nearest Boston Market can be found close to Pittsburgh or in Monroeville. Boston Market i open from 11 am – 9:30 pm.