“Eat Mor Chikin”


The first ever Chick fil-a was opened on May 23, 1946 in Hapeville, GA.Chick fil-a is a American food branch.

Chick fil-a is built by quality material like their food and they try to make everything original. The inside of Chick fil-a has a modern design of kitchen materials.

My experience with Chick fil-a was good. The last time I visited Chick fil-a was in the summer of 2020. I was there with a few friends at the Morgantown location. When I was there I ordered number 3, which consisted of 12 chicken nuggets, side of fries, and a beverage. 

The food was very appealing by looks and tasted really good.

My overall opinion on Chick fil-a is that it is a really good restaurant and the customer service is amazing, the people are really friendly and make you feel more at home. I feel like if you are out oe night that you should go eat there yourself.