Limit Time Use on TikTok


Patrick Mullen, Contributor

TikTok is a form of social media that lets people share video clips about random things. The app is aimed towards teens as a source of entertainment.

The app is a free video sharing social media website that most teens from 12 – 18 years of age use. The purpose of TikTok is for young people to create and/or share clips. Usually, the clips are of the creator of the clip singing or entertaining the audience somehow. Other times, the video clips can be cut from a TV show, a song, or other things. It is meant to help young people express themselves by exploring the app.

However, the app is not 100% positive. In fact, much of it can give negative results. A big reason why the app is negative is because a lot of younger people are addicted to it. It takes away quality time out of young people’s lives. Many people who are on it for long periods of time are dismissing other things they could be doing. While it may be fun for some users to focus on only TikTok, it is not the wisest way to manage time. There are several other things to do in a person’s free time that doesn’t involve using social media.

A wiser way to spend time would be getting other things done that need done. It could be around your home or for someone else or even for school or work. Sitting around watching or making TikTok videos is something one should do when they have absolutely nothing else to do. Spending time with family or other fun ways to occupy your time could be a bit more productive rather than keeping your full attention constantly on TikTok.

The point is, while TikTok may be fun, do not spend all of your time on the app. If you have better things to do than visit TikTok, then do the things that are more important. TikTok can be an entertaining app if you are into it but limit time use on the app. Visit the app when you know it is an appropriate time.