A New Twist on Beloved Flowers


(Photo Credits via flickr.com)

A unique, new, and long-lasting gift is the LEGO Flower Bouquet. It provides unseen elements in gifts.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet is inspired by real life flowers such as roses, poppies, snapdragons, grasses, daisies, and asters. It showcases vibrant but unique colors.  Although there are guided instructions, there is still a large amount of creativity that can be shown through. Both the petals and leaves are able to be placed within different positions, and the stems are completely adjustable within length. Even though LEGO is a child brand, this particular set is a part of their 18+ collection which targets their adult buyers.

Although this product is extremely beautiful and unlike any other, it is more expensive. However, this gift will last much longer than regular flowers. Also, this is a fun gift that is not only given any time of year, but it can be given completed or incomplete. On the other hand, this gift truly isn’t for children as it isn’t to be played with. This gift is to be treated like regular flowers, to sit within the vase as decor.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet is advertised as $59.99. It is available for purchase both online and in select stores.

In conclusion, this product can be worth it depending on the consumer. If they are expecting a decor piece, it is perfect. However, if the purchase is for children or toy lovers, it simply isn’t the correct product.