Feeling Festive at Plaza Azteca


Brook Ann Maddich, Contributer

Plaza Azteca is located in Washington, PA.  Their menu has a variety of Mexican food that is suitable for children and adults.

The idea of Plaza Azteca all started in 1994 in Virginia when two gentlemen from Jalisco, Mexico, had a brilliant idea to do something special with the Mexican food. They took their special formula and richest flavors of Mexico to other parts of Virginia, and then headed to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

There are 18 different slots on the menu to include ALL types of Mexican food ranging from $7-$30.

Their most famous Appetizer is their fresh guacamole and cheese dip (Queso) with freshly fried tortilla chips. Their guacamole is made fresh tableside and it is made of avocado, chopped onions, lime, cilantro, diced tomatoes, and a pinch of salt to taste.

 The menu item that my family and I enjoy the most is the chicken Burrito Mex. The Burrito Mex consists of one flour tortilla, a choice of grilled steak or chicken, with onions and beans, topped with guacamole dip, pico de gallo, sour cream, and is served with a side of rice and beans totaling only $16.

Online ordering is an option with everything available other than drinks. Another form of ordering at home is calling in and picking it up or ordering through Door Dash and having it delivered.

There are two locations:  Morgantown and Washington, PA. Their hours are 11am-10pm. The one located in Morgantown is at the Suncerest Town Centre Dr and the one in Washington is at Trinity Cir South Strabane.