Cast Announced for Grease


Brandon Lawrence, Editor

Last Friday, December 13th play auditions were held in the auditorium from 3:00 to 5:00 after school for the classic play Grease.

The auditions were split into two parts, a singing part and an acting part with a group. The students were provided with 2 songs and had to pick one to perform in front of the 3 directors of the show. For the acting portion of the audition students were given two scenes and had to pick a character to audition as. The cast list has been released for those that auditioned.

Abby Abkrom as Sandy Dumbrowski

Jaggar Jellots as Danny Zuko

Bria Jamison as Betty Rizzo

Jesse Wei as Frenchy

Molly Mylan as Marty

Lilian Ladisic as Jan

Josh Jacobs as Doody

Mason McNett as Kenickie

Preston Wood as Sonny Latierri

Brandon Lawrence as Roger

Colt Fowler as Vince Fontaine

Shelby Burkett as Cha-Cha

Jeffery Kovach as Eugene Florezyk

Special Guest as Johnny Casino

Kierstyn Webster as Patty Simcox

Aiden Kern as the Teen Angel

Emily Teegarden as The Radio Voice

and Madison Kovach as Miss Lynch

Also there is a plethora of ensemble such as, Savannah Kramer, Randi Agnew, Mia Baker,Lauren Pahler, Abbie Woods, Bailee Konosky, Grace Black, Abbi Binns, Zoe Burkett, Selah Taggart, Daria Morris, Maddie Reeves, Gabriel Schmidt, and Annalise Willis.